OKBEADS LTD. acquired KingBeads Glass Manufacturer in March 2018.
OKBEADS Ltd. is a professional glass beads direct manufacturer specialize high quality glass beads since 1998, we have experienced crafters and glass workers can make various kinds glass beads, glass crafts and glass style jewelry. we make entirely handmade glass beads, glass charms and silver jewelry with high quality & beautiful design. and we have more than 258,500 different colors, styles of traditional and modern design glass beads, crafts and beaded jewelry. our beads range include lampwork glass beads, european glass beads, murano glass beads, murano glass pendants, glass crafts, glass bead charms, beaded jewelry & fashion jewelry.
General Manager: DAVID YUAN
Website: | Family Site:
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST.
Address: Building 68, NO.28, Yangzhou Economic Development Zone. 225000 CHINA.

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